Digit – The Chatbot

Digit Mobile Interface
Meet Digit!

Digit is the face of the CX Company chatbot; an Artificial Intelligence driven technology to help guide users on the website. Whether you’re a new or a returning visitor, Digit will be there to help!

Digit Emotions Illustration


            Chatbot Design A good chatbot needs a personality and identity to help engage with users. For CX Company, a company specialized in creating Chatbots, a robot was a fitting choice.  Using the company colours and with the CX logo as a scarf, Digit is the face of the Company chatbot. It has a cute style and friendly illustration, and a tone-of-voice to match. 

     Digit’s User Interface starts with a typing animation to attract the attention of the user. While the technology is fast enough to give a direct answer, a subtle delay makes it more attractive for the end user.  Research showed that users associate a quick instant answer pop-up with ‘spam’. 

    The Interface is easy to use. It’s designed to steer towards interaction, but also makes going back to previous options easy. Digit also has a few subtle animations to further stimulate engagement, but also to make it further come to alive. 

Interested in meeting Digit? See Digit in action.


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