RiskCare Jr.

A fresh start

For RiskCare Jr. we created a bright and youthful branding to appeal to their young target group.

RiskCare wants to help people with overweight find a new, healthy lifestyle. We updated the branding in a fun and playful style that helps presents the somewhat serious theme in a positive light.

This concept is consistent on every part of the identity.  A Monkey mascot was created to guide the young visitors on the website. 


The ‘work’ booklet is designed in a colorful style and uses several illustrations

To track the children’s progress a work booklet was designed. Every element was designed to assist en engage the children in as much as possible in their journey. 

RiskCare Jr. Workbook — Design and Illustrations by Nancy Schokkenbroek

A fun graph

Part of the main concept was to display the program in a positive light. 

This also can be seen is this graph which is designed in a fun and less serious way. 

Illustrated elements — These vibrant icons and a lot of different elements were illustrated for the RiskCare Junior Branding. They are a key element of the identity.


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