Tailored Catering


Van de Ven Tailored Catering & Events is not your typical catering company. The chef, Ki, distinguises himself with a unique and creative, tailor-made approach. Fresh ingredients and local touches are an important aspect of the company.


Nancy worked on the art direction and design to translate these core values into a fitting brand position.


The orange color in the branding gives a friendly touch to the branding. And the logo incorporates some of the company’s main work tools; A chef’s knife and and a bottle of wine carefully selected for each dish.

A branding concept with a friendly and personal touch.


Tailored catering is a very flexible company, they organise their own diverse events and travel all around the globe. So it was only logical that the identity had to be flexible as well.  

It can be incorporated in the uniforms, custom menu’s and more. No matter how you slice it, the branding is always there.


Diverse events & branding

They frequently organise their own events and auctions. For the auctions we designed the to be auctioned cheque’s. 

And in theme with the personal feel of the branding, each back of the business cards is different. They show a set of pictures, each with their own backstory or link to the company. 


The branding makes use of several personal elements.

the online brand presence.

The website completes the branding. 

With the use of large full screen pictures it gives a good personal, but also classy, impression of who is behind Tailored Catering & Events. Here you can find some pictures of the delicious dishes and information about upcoming and previous events.

The website explores the elegance, but also the personal aspect of the branding

Brand perception improved positively, with this personal identity applied to every aspect.


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